Q. Why is the club membership limited only to heads of organizations, and does not include other C-suite executives?
A. There are challenges that the head of any organization faces that are unique to being the head. As the head, the buck stops with you, and you have the greatest ability to make decisions in your organization. The services of Breakfast Club Africa are uniquely designed for such people.
Q. How often does the Breakfast Club meet?

A. In each country where the Breakfast Club has been established, cohort meetings occur once a month. In addition, members meet individually once a month with their cohort facilitator.

Q. What are the membership fees?

A. The membership fees differ by country. Anyone interested in joining the Breakfast Club (if the person is the head of their organization in their country) is invited to attend one cohort meeting as a guest. At that cohort meeting, you will meet the cohort facilitators and they will inform you of the membership fees for that country. 

Q. Where do the cohort meetings take place?

A. In each country, the cohorts meet typically at an easily accessible location. When you indicate an interest in attending a meeting as a guest, you will be contacted and informed of the location, date, and time of the meeting.

Q. What kind of CEO’s and of what size of companies are members of Breakfast Club Africa?

A. Membership of Breakfast Club Africa is independent of the size of the company that you are head of. The primary membership requirements are two-fold:

  • you are the head of your organization in your country, and
  • you are intentional about becoming a better leader

Members of Breakfast Club Africa are heads of companies who recognize that no matter how much others think they have achieved, they can do more and they can become better leaders.   These members head large, medium, and small companies.

Africa needs its CEOs to be ​​Great Leaders.