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kind of stature. As soon as he silenced the mind that was a chamber of argumentative fanfare and as soon as he started chanting the naama (name) mantra known to be a precious one, the Guru manifested and stood before him prompting the shishya to address him with the salutation of “Merciful one!” and with the light-hearted mind of a boy to offer surrender to him by literally holding his Lotus Feet, he would break himself into an emotional outburst before the blissful figure; “I have caught  hold of the Guru whose appearance is the vanishing point of bodily consciousness! Grace of God takes the form of Guru. 440-volt home or a lower voltage seeker. Sentence examples for kind of greatness from inspiring English sources. 218. You may wish to ‘on’ the generator and the generator represents the Guru’s wisdom or teaching. Guru dhyana leads him to Guru seva. This candle light can be perceived as a great hope for them. View Larger Image (Selected sayings from the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda) If there is any land on this earth that can lay claim to be the blessed Punyabhumi (holy land), to be the land to which all souls on this earth must come to account for Karma, the land to which every soul that is wending its way Godward must come to attain its last home, the … Some may wish to simply fix an inverter and the inverter is nothing but your sadhna. If we look at the shishya’s frame carefully, he appears as if he has got the Guru’s form he deserved. Yes, He even looks as simple as a transformer, overlooked is His capacity to protect and even burn itself out, only to protect the home it supplies it’s power of love and compassion. We must go in search of a sat-sang, and understand the righteous path of the sat-sang, brush aside the life of the ignorant ones and aim at higher aspects of living; we have got this human birth so that we may attain salvation without loss of time or waste of life. If this is what the shishya sees, the Guru himself stands like a titanic figure consistent with the similar description of “sarvam Brahma mayam jagath” suggesting the all-pervasive nature of the Brahman in the Universe. For if He walks FOR you He will only walk ahead alone with you sitting back alone but when He walks WITH you, both walk together. S (2009-2010), ​Sesha​g​ita – written by V. Suryanarayan (2000)​, Aurora of Arunachala – written by V. Suryanarayan (1988), Vignettes of Vedanta – written by V. Suryanarayan (1989), Joys of a Jeevanmukta – written by V. Suryanarayan (1998), Draupadi in Distress – written by V. Suryanarayan (1991), Sita above Suspicion – written by V. Suryanarayan (1992), Prayers of the Pen – written by V. Suryanarayan (1990), Rhyme and Rhythm – written by V. Suryanarayan (1992). A huge difference in voltage (vibrations or frequency). The transformer stays there patiently 24 x 7, and connects back the moment you ‘on’ your main switch. 4 guru dhobi sis kapada, sabun sirjanhar; surati sila par dhoiye, nikase jyoti apar. you are an exalted being, please do not deprive me of my seva! A face-to- face initiation by the grace of the Guru implies the existence of an abiding faith in Almighty God. With time, practice and walking hand in hand with your Guru, a time comes when the home circuit or human body learns to tap electricity directly from the source by using the solar electricity. This is the greatness of the Guru. What about a poor person who cannot have both, neither the generator nor the inverter? Hence, a transformer becomes a must, and the transformer is the Guru, who regulates the high voltage, who can withstand that high voltage, for He is that voltage itself, receiving high voltage on one end and on the other end steps-down the voltage to a tolerable level to light up the home and make it functional. Create a website or blog at : A Smackdown . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You are offline. A candle denotes hope and. A Guru is very happy to see this situation for He has done His job and this is the scenario where He has literally walked with you from the Mooladhara till the Agna. Most Read Past Week. In all this entire scenario you can see that the transformer is there, doing it’s duty, unconditionally. Endowed with these attributes, he sports an outlook of equality and oneness with all, besides surrender and service to the Guru, in order to have bliss and happiness at the apex of a shanti yoga (combination for tranquillity) called the “jeevan’s emancipation” from bondage. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. One day Guru Ji said, "Thaiya Ji! Used Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class 232 Great Deals out of 5,060 listings starting at $11,950. It is not important that it is known to all about this but if one knows it is much better for it enhances one’s relationship with the Guru. If we look at the Guru likewise, we see, with the shishya’s reflection on the Guru, as if the shishya himself is standing in the place of the Guru! Sujet: The guru of greatness cherche un match Sam 13 Juin - 23:13: John Morrison s'avance vers le ring, prend le micro: Hey Bonsoir à tous, ici John Morrison qui a décidé de venir dans cette fédération. That is the proof of the the Divine’s love for you, for it arranges for a mediator to reach you back home. So the dictates of commonsense should tell us that on this righteous path we can succeed only by knowing the cause and effect factors of creation as otherwise we cannot afford to fall into a well of birth and death and struggle till eternity. He withstands His being there as a protection and as a nourisher. Great customer support, low fee, easy to understand interface and solid payment protection with the SafePay system make working a delight on Guru! This is my advice!” and likewise the shishya, on his part, sees the Almighty God in the Sadguru as a symbol of truth and stands at his Lotus Feet in service of the great one, with a partially obscured vision by the tears of joy. But someone can teach you how to earn or make your own food or even offer the food to you, but it is you who have to eat it.

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