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Attempting to take on the entire video game industry in one feature length film leads to a fairly superficial skimming of the rich history of the biggest entertainment medium of the century. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A nostalgic and strangely light-hearted melancholy pervades this look at the fall of the Golden Age which gives viewers a rare insight into the inner workings of one of the industry’s most iconic players. A crew digs up all of the old Atari 2600 game cartridges of "E.T. Atari: Game Over - (2014) - Netflix. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The documentary, currently streaming on Netflix, explains that one of the biggest misconceptions in sports nutrition is that you have to have animal protein to perform at a high level. LadyBird is a coming of age story that many can relate to Credit: Netflix. Netflix has an extensive library of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime, award-winning Netflix originals, and more. The movie Game Over, Man! Over $24 million in fraudulent prizes were doled out in a scheme that Money Heist 's characters would most definitely approve of. With Zak Penn, Joe Lewandowski, Robert Rentschler, Paul Sanchez. Yes, that’s right, even more new shows have been added to the streamer over … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In 1997 he played a chess match against IBM's computer Deep Blue. Contact us. Watch Now. However when Enrico Zanetti claims he beat McVey’s record that same year, his achievement is thrown into doubt. Atari: Game Over chronicles the history of video game giant Atari and sets out to prove or debunk the myth of a mass-dump of old Atari 2600 game cartridges of … on August 20, 2020 at 7:58AM PDT. What: Another must-watch from Netflix's recent roster of documentaries, The Pharmacist tells the story small town pharmacist Dan Schneider. … Email GameSpot's rundown of all the new TV shows and movies on the platform. Man vs. Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler was released June 24th 2016 and has won Best Documentary at Fantastic Fest 2015 as well as awards from Calgary Underground Film Festival and FilmQuest. After this information is fairly bitty, though interviews with developers, publishers, and consumers provide an interest on their own, the documentary as a whole leaps around a bit too much. New TV Shows on Netflix . Tiger King. This film shows the match and the events surrounding it from Kasparov's perspective. Episode 1, however, focuses on the rivalry and race between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates which makes for interesting viewing considering the impact both of these figures have made on the gaming industry. This film from Patrick Creadon follows Season Nine of the Intel Extreme Masters event, and the top competitive eSports players participating. After failing to garner the attention of the BBC or Channel 4, the duo crowd funded for their feature length documentary. Originally released in June and now airing on Netflix, the film boasts big names as executive producers, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan and Lewis Hamilton, and … But Jeremy Snead’s 2014 documentary does hold its merit in its 30 minute sprint through the entirety of gaming history. With Marc Ghannoum, Joel Benjamin, Michael Greengard, Anatoli Karpov. FAQ; Help Center; Account; Media Center; Investor Relations; Jobs; Redeem Gift Cards; Buy Gift … Until only a few years ago, filmmakers rarely took interest in the ins and outs of the industry enough to devote their work to its archival. Update: 30th November 2017. One of the first Hollywood movies to use a video game … Ah, the video game documentary. ( Log Out /  Suitable for mature audiences only Game Over, Man! Indie Game: The Movie charges its figures with the task of laying the truth bare about their independent development struggles. JOIN NOW. 20 Netflix documentaries on technology and the digital world. But sometimes it’s inspirational, scary, sad, funny or anywhere in between. Directed by Vikram Jayanti. Silicon Cowboys tells the story of a young startup in Houston – a trio of friends sitting in a diner plotting to take on computing giant IBM with a portable PC. Thankfully for the Netflix scroller however, many have since decided to delve deeper behind the pixels and the results are a rich filmic history of many aspects of the industry. The best documentaries on Netflix; The best series on Netflix; Drama 1. New Movies on Netflix. It has a large scope but manages to tell intimate, relatable stories about people who fell in love with games and decided to dedicate themselves to what has become one of the most ubiquitous entertainment mediums in the world," Petite said in GameSpot's review. Tiger King is the show that launched a million memes. Atari: Game Over Source:Netflix--Click for full image. From its 8-bit infancy to its independent growth, the film seeks to represent the UK’s leading role in the shaping of the gaming industry. It’s a new year, and 2021 has brought with it a host of new Netflix shows to add to your watchlist. 9 of 21. Here's how the streamer describes the series: "High Score is a documentary series about the golden age of video games, when legends – from Pac … Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. "The result is a crash course on the golden age of gaming filled with insightful interviews, brilliant writing, and most importantly, an inspiring and inclusive message," GameSpot reviewer Steven Petite said in his review. Jason Spingam-Koff’s debut 2010 documentary takes a look at the social and cultural results of highly immersive virtual worlds through the online world known as Second Life. From Bedrooms To Billions has since been removed from Netflix but there are some cracking interviews in here that warrant further exploration! Most of its episodes aren’t even about tech. Video Games: The Movie has since been removed from Netflix, but we’ll keep it up here in case you want to seek it out for yourself! Questions? Although the digging had only been planned to go as deep as 18 feet, it actually went to 30 feet. The film is filled with a struggling sense of disillusionment, both while the products are in development and with consumer responses after release. Very few documentary makers are waking up to the phenomenon of eSports, but progress is optimistic. ( Log Out /  Directed by James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot, the film follows Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes as Super Meat Boy prepares for its 2011 release, Phil Fish who’s been stuck on Fez for years, and Jonathan Blow who reflects on the success of Braid since its 2008 release. For more on what's new on Netflix in August, check out GameSpot's rundown of all the new TV shows and movies on the platform. The HBO series exposes the 11-year-old scheme to cheat McDonald's long-running Monopoly game. Surveying the British video game industry from 1979 to present day, Anthony and Nicola Caulfield originally conceived of From Bedrooms To Billions as a three part television series. An epilogue style follow up is also available on Netflix entitled Indie Game: Life After which features closing thoughts from the original figures as well as more stories and extra footage. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance Principles. The Netflix documentary series High Score charts the early history of video games, starting with Space Invaders and the 1980s arcades to the 3D PC games of the early 1990s. Kasparov lost the match. Enter your email address and receive notifications of new posts by email! Update: 30th November 2017. game cartridges were buried. A solid background for anyone looking for a starting point in understanding gaming’s complex history, the dynamic visuals of this timeline offer a skating yet broad coverage of the main events, players, and cultural concerns throughout the genesis of gaming. ( Log Out /  Eddie Makuch Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Above it all though is the raw passion of the people dedicating their sleepless nights to the development of their projects, while revealing their flaws and vulnerabilities to a camera. … Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler. ET developer Howard Warshaw directs viewers through Atari’s glory days and its downfall in context of the wider industry. The truth hurts. by Bartolome Ferreira / Wednesday, 13 May 2020 / Published in posts-en. Watch Now. Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine ( 73 ) IMDb 6.8 1 h 24 min 2003 PG In 1997, chess champion Garry Kasparov goes head-to-head against IBM's computer, Deep Blue, and … Time Out says. Will 2018 Be The Last Year for Nintendo 3DS. Netflix nostalgia is in full bloom with High Score, a six-part documentary series about the early days of video games. Change ). Watch as much as you want, anytime you want. Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Along the same lines as Silicon Cowboys, Genius is not necessarily a gaming documentary. The excavation dig took several months of preparation, and was finally carried out on April 26, 2014. The series is narrated by none other than Mario voice actor Charles Martinet, and it's directed by William Acks, France Costrel, and Sam LaCroix, all of whom worked on Showtime's series about the dark web, Dark Net. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), 6 Gaming Documentaries You Can Watch RIGHT NOW on Netflix, Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler, Fortnite and PUBG Bring Player Driven Experience To Action Games, Why Nathan Drake’s “Health” Bar Has Everyone Riled Up, 8 Sega Genesis Hidden Gems That Missed The Market The First Time Round. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Zak Penn’s 2014 coverage of the excavation of 1,300 ET games from a landfill site in New Mexico provides a diving board into the complex world of the North American video game crash of 1983. Directed by Zak Penn. Under the direction of Michal Blicharz, the man behind IEM, Creadon takes a look at the phenomenon through the eyes of one of its main figures. Netflix High Score, Netflix’s new documentary series about the early history of video games, is filled with fascinating characters, flickering arcade … Netflix is an American global on-demand Internet streaming media provider, that has distributed a number of original programs, including original series, specials, miniseries, documentaries and films. Ladybird. The Lost Arcade. More like Game Over (Tamil Version) Thaandavam (2012) Grandmaster (2012) U Turn (2016) Interrogation (2015) Sigaram Thodu (2014) Trip to Bhangarh: Asia's Most Haunted Place (2014) Ethirmarai (2018) Metro (2016) Ma Chu Ka (2017) Typewriter (2019) W/O Ram (2018) Mr. Chandramouli (2018) Vanjagar Ulagam (2018) Echcharikkai (2018) Neevevaro (2018) Lilli (2018) Puriyatha Puthir … Compaq Computer’s birth and eventual death tells the story of a machine and its creators that changed the computing game forever. There are six episodes, spanning 4.5 hours in total. ( Log Out /  From movies funded by the streaming service itself to documentaries produced by large and small companies, Netflix has a wide variety of materials on cutting-edge technology and the digital world. Alongside the acclaimed documentaries that Netflix has secured streaming rights for, there are plenty of Netflix originals in the documentary … While showing its age in its concerns at times, Life 2.0 shines a light on the prospect of sacrificing your natural life in favour of a seemingly boundless one in the virtual world. Game Over is now streaming on Netflix If we think of the recent years from the Indian cinema, Game Over is one of the most cleverly-crafted films, in order to bring about the intended horror. The film is not particularly inventive in its stylistic approach as much as it is apt to present the world through the psyche of its character. is a Netflix Original and was released in 2018 and lasts 101 minutes. Telling the tale of his travels across Poland, journeying between local internet cafes with headsets and mice and challenging anyone who wanted to play, Blicharz shows us the eSports kingdom he has created in a truly passionate display. Garry Kasparov is arguably the greatest chess player who has ever lived. From much-loved 80s classics to touching documentaries, here’s a look at eight currently available to stream on Netflix. Game Over (Telugu Version) Savita Damodar Paranjpe; Animas; There’s even more to watch. The film introduced many people to the eclectic perfectionist that is Phil Fish whose internet following exploded after the release. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sure, it’s not technically a gaming documentary, but the computer lays the foundations for every video game ever so it’s a pretty important one to take note of. the Extra-Terrestrial" that were tossed into a landfill in the 1980s. A documentary about the video game industry called High Score is out now, and it's really good. The Best Things About Persona 5 Strikers: Music, Menus, Makoto, And More, PS5 Restock Updates: Check Latest Stock, Updates, And More, Best Gaming Chair For 2021: Top Chairs For PC And Console Gaming, By Documentaries. While High Score, Netflix’s documentary series about video games, does offer a lot of nostalgia for both hardcore and casual gamers alike, it unfortunately focuses more on things like the above question rather than on the development process itself. WarGames. The Lost Arcade takes a look into arcade culture in New York City. The documentary follows the real lives of the players who have devoted themselves to their second lives and how the two can exist together, if they can at all. All Work All Play, Atari, Atari: Game Over, documentary, ESL, esports, ET, From Bedrooms To Billions, Indie Dev, Indie Game: The Movie, Kickstarter, Man vs Snake: The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler, Netflix, Nibbler, retro, Video Games: The Movie. Update: 30th November 2017. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Use the HTML below. Documentaries - 3.2/5 Watch on Netflix How To Unblock Every Movie & TV Show on Netflix No Matter Where You Are. "All told, High Score is the most comprehensive video game documentary to date. Explore the demise of gaming giant Atari, along with claims that it hid its biggest flop, 1982's "E.T.," by burying the cartridges in the desert. With a generic name like "High Score," I expected Netflix's documentary series about videogame history to be the sort of fluff that repeatedly points out how much games … The problem with Video Games: The Movie is suggested in its title. is available on Netflix in Ultra HD/4K quality as long as you have the right Netflix membership plan This movie is Exciting, Irreverent, Raunchy. Experience it all with our best documentary series and movies. For the documentary, the filmmakers excavated the landfill site in Alamogordo, New Mexico, where many E.T. Explore the demise of gaming giant Atari, along with claims that it hid its biggest flop, 1982's 'E.T.,' by burying the cartridges in the desert. You can enjoy this content in the comfort of the sofa in … The show begins in the '70s and covers notable events through the early '90s, exploring the stories of the games and people who made them. 375 Kickstarter backers pledged a total of … Netflix and third parties use cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website, to personalise our services and to customise our online advertisements. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Nibbler‘s attraction was that it was the first game to offer a billion points, an offer McVey took up in January 1984, throwing the Iowa resident into the limelight. This film by Robert Drew was one of the first American campaign documentaries and a starting point for the “direct cinema” movement, which emphasized observation over explicit commentary. High Score tells the story of the formative years of gaming. 100. After his son is murdered in a drug-related shooting in New Orleans in 1999, Dan embarks on a relentless mission to find his son's killer. There are more captive tigers in the U.S. than tigers in the wild, … The limited series debuted on August 19, and GameSpot's review said it's the "most impressive video game documentary to date.". NETFLIX. The film follows McVey as he approaches the cabinet to once more claim his achievement and set a new record. A documentary about the video game industry called High Score is out now, and it's really good. Exhibiting the creativity and innovation behind the initial key players who strove to place the UK on the gaming map, interviewees include Peter Molyneux, Jeff Minter, David Braben, David Perry, and Mark Healey. Indie Game: The Movie has since been removed from Netflix, but definitely one to catch if you haven’t seen it already. Saoirse Ronan stars as a … The documentary: Go behind the scenes on the 2018 and 2019 Formula 1 World Championships as tensions boil over across two seasons in one of the world’s most popular sports. 375 Kickstarter backers pledged a total of $61,440 to help make Andrew Seklir and Tim Kinzy’s documentary following Tim McVey, supposed world record holder on fiendishly difficult snake-like arcade game Nibbler. From retro records to indie innovations, the average Netflix user has access to a wealth of gaming footage.

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